Where to begin, I am a forty something who has accepted late in life that I am gay.  I am the oldest of 6 siblings.  I love to travel – camping (More RVing than camping) Cruising the high seas on luxury cruise ships.  The fun really begins at forty!

I was raised a rather strict christian, going to church three times a week, until about age 20 or so.  While most of these values have molded who i am as a person is has also stunted me severely,  could never pinpoint why or how.  Looking back I knew deep down but just could not accept it,  if I accept it then it would be true and it just can’t be true – could it?  Found out several years ago that a cousin was gay through a third party,  he lives in a different state so my family has not seen his in many years, once my family learned of this most seemed not surprised at all,  but one comment made by my mother – “Glad none of you kids did that to your dad and I”  I was crushed inside, it has literally taken 40 years for myself to accept the fact and then to hear this from her was devastating.  How could I ever tell anyone,  since acceptance I have begun the process of merging my life with my realization, its a slow process and i did not hold a press conference  to announce to the world but I no longer try so hard to hide my true identity and strongly suspect that most of my immediate family know at this point.  At this point in life I could care less if people accept me or not I am comfortable with who I am knowing I cant change anyway, so off to discover the next chapter in life.