How Bridal Wear Is Changing to Cater to Same-Sex Couples Post-DOMA | Fashionista

At the end of June, the Supreme Court overturned the Defense of Marriage Act, marking an historic victory in the fight for marriage equality. As the LGBT community took to the streets for Pride to celebrate just a few days later–and as scores of gay couples proposed to their partners–the wedding industry was celebrating too, as market insiders predict a million dollar boon to the business.

Yet even as the industry prepared for a wave of new business, insiders we spoke to cautioned that the boost would be short-lived.

“Overall, I would say you’re probably going to see a bump,” says Shane McMurray, founder of The Wedding Report, a research company that tracks and forecasts number of weddings, spending, and consumer trends for the wedding industry. “The likelihood that it’s going to be this big boom is probably not true. If you look at any of the States, that have legalized gay marriage, there is a small bump and then it levels off to regular patterns.”

One reason the post-DOMA boost will likely level off is that, while gay marriage might have only recently be legally recognized in many States, gay weddings are certainly nothing new.

The Knot has been covering gay weddings for years now, but, in a moment of fortuitous timing, they launched a separate gay wedding vertical just days before DOMA was overturned.

How Bridal Wear Is Changing to Cater to Same-Sex Couples Post-DOMA | Fashionista.

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