DOMA’s Demise: A Wake-Up Call for Employers – Businessweek

We don’t have to peg our wages and benefits to prevailing legal standards in every city, state, and country in which we operate. Would we peg our customer-service policies to merely what local laws require? Not likely. We’re used to dealing with customers and suppliers as though they are valued partners in our businesses. Our relationships with them are governed less by minimum legal requirements and more by our desire to work collaboratively for the benefit of all parties.

Not so with employees, for far too many employers. Organizations that merely complied with the old DOMA-era laws are scrambling to rewrite policies, employee communication materials, and training programs, and they’ll be at the task for months.

To avoid the tedious rewrites and expensive reprinting headaches in the future, corporate leaders can get ahead of all that by setting their sights higher than “Our Employee Relations goal is to not break the law.” They can establish a human workplace that attracts the best talent in their industries.

When you shift your human resources lens away from “What does the law require?” toward “What will it take to hire awesome people and keep them excited?” everybody’s job gets easier. If we could get away from the prevailing compliance mind-set in HR and teach human resources people to build trust, collaboration, and creativity among their co-workers, the vast majority of our HR-related regulatory headaches would go away.

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