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Officials say Orlando is expected to see a boost in the local economy as more tourists and tourist dollars flow in as the annual ‘Gay Days’ event reaches its peak.

The organizers of Gay Days say the six-day event should bring millions of dollars to the local economy.

“We’ve been eating and going out every night,” one visitor told WFTV. “There was a big party at Typhoon Lagoon last night and we all dropped a couple hundred bucks.”

The streets of Disney were packed with tourists celebrating the annual event that started 21 years ago and has continued to grow since. Officials expect 160,000 people to be in town for the event this weekend.

Disney does not officially sanction the event, but participants praised the theme park for being so accommodating.

“I think it’s a great thing for everyone to be able to come out and get together every year, in a place that accepts everyone no matter what they are,” visitor Justin King said.

The president of Gay Days says the event could bring as much as $600,000,000 to the local economy, but some tourism officials believe that number is a bit high.

Gay Days began in 1991 and while the event has faced criticism from some conservative groups, it has reportedly grown every year

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