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As a special treat, this year’s auction will be hosted by none other than Miss Richfield 1981, a fixture on Atlantis Cruise Lines and spokesperson for Orbitz. WCT caught up with Miss Richfield 1981’s alter ego, Russ King:

Windy City Times: Do you find that you’re continually fine-tuning the character of Miss Richfield?

Russ King: Surprisingly, the essence of the character is consistent with its creation back in 1996 at a traditional drag act in a bar. Even there, Miss R was always clean with no foul language, which is what made the character appealing and different. As I began to do cabaret work in 1997 and onward, Miss R has continued to become more specific, but always true to her Midwestern, family roots.

WCT: I was surprised to read that you never had an interest in drag before creating the character.

Russ King: No. I was a journalist for six years out of college, then the communications director of the Minnesota AIDS Project for five years. I quit that job in 1998 to pursue a performance career—partially funded by freelance writing—until 2003, when I was able to make Miss Richfield a full-time occupation.

WCT: Do Russ King and Miss Richfield have much in common?……

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