Buggery Charge in 2012? Really?

The Atlantis Events 2012 Southern Caribbean cruise made major headlines this week when two passengers were arrested ONBOARD the ship (The Celebrity Summit) while it was docked in the Caribbean Island of Dominica. It is said they were originally charged with buggery after having been seen from the Port of Roseau having sex on their balcony, this charge was later dropped and the men were charged with Indecent Exposure.   The men from Palm Springs CA were kept in jail overnight went before a Judge the next morning, ultimately they were fined and taken to the airport to leave the island.

This series of events has stirred hundreds of comments on various social media outlets as well as major news coverage.  One of the most common concerns is why would a gay group even visit a destination that has anti gay laws on the books?  There are many different opinions on this,  there are many Caribbean islands that are still very conservative and while these antiquated laws are still on the books they are rarely if ever enforced.  There are also some destinations that are quite homophobic and are indeed dangerous to visit one being Jamaica where violence against its gay citizens is a serious problem.   The fact is if you desire to only visit destinations that have no anti gay laws your list would be quite short.  There were 14 states that had some type of sodomy law on the books until 2003 when they were struck down by the Supreme Court.

Others feel visiting these destinations allows the residents to see that Gay people are just like everyone else, it is unfortunate that these two men had to put a black mark on the entire cruise and further perpetuate the negative gay stereotypes so many people believe.  The exercised very poor judgement this day, even if they were not engaged in a sex act they do state they were naked or less clothed than they should have been.  These men feel they were arrested for being gay, if this was the case why were the other 2000 passengers not arrested?

Do your homework before your next vacation and know the laws of the land and don’t break those laws, these guys may have felt since they were other ship they cold not get in trouble but when the the ship is in port it is under the laws of that land.  Exercise good judgement especially in a foreign lands where you may not have the same liberty’s as back home.  The last place you want to be is kicked off a ship and locked up in a third world jail cell.

Visit this link for information on same sex laws in countries you may be visiting.

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